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Approximating Christmas – or should I say Yuletide Festival to use a Lovecraftian headword – I’m feeling as generous as Santa Claws (… Santa’s homologue in R’lyeh *lol*… ) and I want this journal entry to launch a twofold Cthulhu Mythos naming contest, in order to blend an “old glory” of Cthulhu Mythos and a “brand-new” entry from recent Lovecraft-related fiction.

This time I’m asking you to help me finding a name for two unnamed Cthulhu Mythos entities and accordingly prize shall be twofold too: winner(s) can ask me not one but two requests. Double the dark lore, double the obscure reward… :fuzzydemon:



1) Deviant watchers or visitors can suggest one name for the Mythos entity to “christen”.

2) One name per deviant can be proposed.

3) Find a strange, eldritch or even an worldly source and have fun searching one then give the name the eeriest sound. If source sounds too obvious a second proposal/attempt may be considered.

4) Unleash the dark fantasy of yours!


Winner can ask me a free request and I’ll fulfil that. Anyone may take part to either or both of the contests, prize request shall be single or double according to participation to one contest only or both of them and in case of victory, of course.

CONTEST THEME No. 1 – Eldritch Evergreen

“[…]Others there are sleeping... Will they haply waken

Monstrous phantoms, striding down from fell and highland,

Crawling like to rivered lava through the dale-beds

Gods who rose and reigned and died before the Titans,

Lying in topless tombs undomed.[…]”

Clark Ashton Smith, The Isle of Saturn (1951)

Lovecraft’s best (pen) friend Clark Ashton Smith has been one of most prolific and refined contributors to Cthulhu Mythos and Great Old Ones’ theogony with his personal mix and remix of Classical, Celtic, Hindu and Levantine lore. In the poem “The Isle of Saturn” (1951) he mentions a mysterious island and the other gods… . Here is the link to EldritchDark page to read full story.

A Dragon Mother is mentioned in the scene nesting between the boulders of some far flung island but let’s assume this island to be planet Saturn (or one of its countless a moons, it’d be the most viable option) and the Dragon Mother to be not a sheer dragon but metaphor of a Great Old One. A bit farfetched idea but I like the it.

The "Dragon-Mother" might well be accounted in the obscure degenerate pantheon of the Other Gods, also inferring some kinship with other former Plutonian/Yuggothian then Saturnian settlers of remote ages like the Toad Idol Tsathoggua and his awkward grumpy uncle Hziulquoigmnzhah, both entities created or mentioned by Clark Ashton Smith. Might she be the Toad God or Saturn God’s sister? Who knows…

Actually I would’ve got a suitable naming idea but I won't tell here (for the moment). What’s yours??

CONTEST THEME No.2 – R’lyehan R’newal

In Chaosium roleplay game scenario Jovian Nightmare (2009) by John Ossoway a Star-Spawn servitor of Cthulhu (even more than one) is said to dwell in Europa (Jupiter’s 6th moon), in a lost citadel in the cold oceans beneath the ice crust, along Argiope Linea (perhaps part of sunken R'lyeh with a dimensional portal to Jovian moons). Despite I’m usually creative enough in eldritch names, I don’t know why I can’t really find a fitting name for it: I really need your help. The Star-Spawn are lesser entities similar in appearance to Cthulhu but weaker, thus cephalopod or molluscan abominations. They’re spread in several oceanic basins of Earth but one exiled in Jupiter’s orbit really sounds weird and intriguing.

Beside the R’lyehan name do you also have an idea of its appearance too? I could make the artwork as Creative Commons stuff. I’d suggest you to think of other kinds of soft-bodied creatures besides squids for the portrait the “Horror Under Argiope" (or "Under Telephassa”).

Contests Deadline

Saturday 19. I’ll announce contest winner(s) next Sunday or in forthcoming days. 2nd and 3rd ranks might be considered according to naming proposals submitted, which could even be employed or suggested for other Cthulhu Mythos stuff.

That’s all. Dust off your old grimoires, consult dark comets and oracles and reveal the dark names of the Unnameable Ones.


By the Green, White and Red Lights of Yuletide

Post scriptum

I want to make clear that names suggested in these contest are not going to be employed for any kind of commercial use. In case they are going to be used in the web for other purposes they shall be quoted as Creative Commons or as mere "Fan Service".

Post Post scriptum

A concluding remark: for those who don’t know, Santa Claws is a really coined name and in a paleontological context. It’s been the nickname given to extinct arthropod Sanctacaris uncata found in Cambrian dark claystones of Burgess Shales (Canada). Genus name indeed means “Santa’s shrimp” (Santa + karis is Greek word for “shrimp”) because it’s been discovered in December, in Christmas period. Here is an unexpected way St. Nicholas and remote ages of Cthulhu Mythos and Elder Things blend…
KingOvRats Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015   Traditional Artist
Should we post the names here? I'm sorry if it's written somewhere in the rules, have been reading in a bit of a hurry and might have missed it.:D
Michel-le-fou Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Professional Writer
Who are they?
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